The Makeup Arm™ with FREE access to The Makeup Pro Directory


The Makeup Arm™

The Makeup Arm provides pro makeup artists with additional support when working with clients, making it more convenient when switching from one brush to another. The wrist belt design includes brush holders, as well as a cleaning sponge - allowing you to get excess product off as you work. 



  • Wrist belt design with elastic 
  • Elastic makeup brush holder (allows you to hold multiple brushes at once) 
  • Flexible elastic strap to fit different wrist sizes  
  • Built-in sponge allows you to get excess product off, as well as clean brushes
  • Provides excess support 
  • Perfect for assisting with makeup touch ups on clients, especially when on set 


*Makeup brushes not included*


The Makeup Pro Directory

Tired of searching high and low for discounts you can get as a professional makeup artist?


We conducted months of research to carefully curate a digital directory of 100 quality brands that offer professional discounts, so you don’t have to. 


As the first makeup pro discount directory on the market, you’ll be able to access brand information, exclusive pro discount amounts, details on how you can join their programmes, and which countries they’re available to. 


With discounts of up to 70% off available, save time and money whilst stocking up your kit. 


What you’ll get:

  • Instant access to 100 global brands that offer discounts to professional makeup artists

  • How much discount each brand offers and how you can apply

  • A printable digital PDF you can refer to from day-to-day

  • Unlimited access to the directory 


This is for you if:

  • You’re a makeup artist or industry professional who uses makeup on clients

  • You don’t have time to search high and low for professional perks and discounts 

  • You want to save money and make more profit


Who are we?

At The Beauty Run, we help makeup artists and beauty pro’s grow globally. We organise masterclasses, develop talent, secure sponsorships and create business resources for beauty professionals.


Our team’s experience spans 10+ years working across beauty, fashion and commercial with brands such as Net-A-Porter and even The Body Shop. 


How to use this directory:

Where a brand only offers discounts to professionals in specific countries, these have been clearly listed in brackets besides the brand names.

To search for specific brands who sell for example: ‘lashes’ or ‘makeup tools’ please use the search bar. Brands have been listed in alphabetical order. 


Please note: *Purchase of this directory does not account for an application onto any of the listed programmes. Makeup artists accepted onto pro programmes are at each brands' discretion.*

The Makeup Arm™ + FREE Access to The Makeup Pro Directory