Makeup Artist Business Templates - Full Package *Worth £35*

Makeup Artist Business Templates - Full Package *Worth £35*




Created for makeup artists, The Beauty Run Business Templates are designed to help you manage your admin so you can focus on being creative.


Whether you’re a fully self-employed freelance makeup artist, newly graduated, do makeup as your side hustle, or are looking to start a business in the makeup field - these templates are designed to make your life easier. 


Our templates are fully customisable, allowing you to include your own logo, colour scheme and branding - helping you achieve the professionalism required to succeed and retain clients. 


  • 3 x Client Consultation Face Chart Forms (3 different design templates included + 2 Face Chart Designs)

    1 x Income Sheet Tracker 

    1 x Final Late Payment Letter Before Action Template

    1 x MUA Kit Checklist 

    1 x Social Media Photo Release Consent Template 

    2 x Identify Your Skin Type Templates for Clients (2 different design templates included)

    2 x Client Health Questionnaire (Covid-19) (2 different design templates included)

    1 x Client Consultation Form

    1 x Invoice Template