The Beauty Run strives to bridge the gap between business and consumer beauty services, by providing high-quality and skilled hair & makeup artists to meet any kind of need based in London.

From advertisers needing makeup artists for a beauty commercial, to providing consumers with luxury makeup services for their wedding day — we have handpicked artists with a diverse range of professional skills. 

The Beauty Run, was first coined and set up as a commercial blog in 2016, which still operates covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle features and reviews.

As the beauty industry booms, and with the rise of the need and desire for makeup services — we saw a gap in the market for agencies that could cater to both the consumer market and the industry. 

Our artists have mastered & trained with the likes of Pat McGrath, MAC Cosmetics, DFMA, London School of Makeup and more. In addition, The Beauty Run artists have worked internationally including New York, London, Milan, Paris Fashion Week and even Fashion Forward Dubai. 

Although we're based in London, our artists are completely mobile and willing to travel nationwide and internationally for weddings, fashion & beauty shoots, editorials, commercials, fashion week, celebrities and corporate events.